British Columbia

British Columbia is situated on the west coast of Canada and touches the Pacific Ocean.  British Columbia has a vast range of terrain from the shores of the Pacific Ocean, to the peaks of the Rocky Mountains and all the rivers, lakes and glaciers in between.  There are hundreds of islands to explore up and down the coast from the base of Vancouver Island all the way up north to Prince Rupert and the edge of Alaska.  The lower eastern edge of BC’s border, shared with Alberta, follows the peaks of the majestic Rocky Mountains.

Heading inland to the interior of BC, you will find the Okanagan Valley, known for its high production of fruit orchards, vineyards and award-winning wine.

The capital of British Columbia is Victoria, which is situated on the southern end of Vancouver Island.  From YVR International Airport in Vancouver, you can get to Victoria by taking an hour and a half long ferry ride across the Straight of Georgia to Swartz Bay ferry terminal on Vancouver Island.  From there, it is a short 30 minute bus or car ride into downtown Victoria.  In Victoria, you will find magnificent castles, exquisite gardens and many historic old-time buildings including BC’s parliament buildings which were completed at the end of the 19th century.

Vancouver is the largest city in British Columbia by population with over 600,000 people.  The 2010 Winter Olympics were hosted in Vancouver and you can visit many landmarks constructed for the Olympics including the Olympic Oval in Richmond, the Olympic Cauldron in Vancouver’s Coal Harbour and Rogers Arena, which received renovation improvements for the games.

TBritish_Columbiahe Flag of British Columbia shows a setting sun, illustrating the fact that the province is situated on the west coast of Canada and is the last of the provinces to see the setting sun.  Behind the sun are blue and white wavy lines which represent the Pacific Ocean and Rocky Mountains on either side of the province.  The upper portion of the flag shows a modified British Union Flag with a crown in the center of it.  This portion symbolizes BC’s British history.  The crown in the center is King Edward’s crown and symbolizes Canada’s Royal Family.